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Sisters on the Fly Sister Corps: Focused on Port Aransas

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In January of this year, we brought you a story about Sisters on the Fly – a great group of over 7,000 women (and counting) from throughout North America who own and restore vintage travel trailers, camp out in new models, and focus on enjoying outdoor adventures together, from fly fishing to horseback riding, canoeing to sharing a meal together, all with country flare. Although cowboy boots and hats can often be found as a wardrobe staple in this group, they aren’t a requirement. But what is required is an exceptional attitude! The Sisters help others. Enter: The Sister Corps.

“Sisters are here to help!” their website explains. And, help they did. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Sisters Corps made a phenomenal hands-on effort in Port Aransas, Texas, volunteering to get in, get their tasks accomplished, and get help to those in need. Their motto of sorts is “If we learn of a Sister in need you can bet there are SOTF members willing to respond wholeheartedly and in full force locally or nationally.”

Sisters on the Fly Sister Corps: Focused on Port Aransas

Photo: U.S. Department of Defense

In fact, their first official support event as a volunteer corps was this hurricane disaster relief. Port Aransas has been identified as one of the group’s favorite camping places, and their volunteers didn’t fail to bring 100 percent to their efforts on the ground. They tackled debris and garbage removal, clearing property, hauling loads in or out (depending on what was required), and sourcing potable water and personal hygiene supplies. Being both versatile in their abilities as well as mobile, their members were able to travel to the scene as a well-organized Sister Corps, ready to assist and react quickly. Port Aransas was not the only place strongly affected by Hurricane Harvey, however, it was one of the hardest hit, requiring many helping hands to ensure safety, shelter, and healthy lifestyles could prevail in the aftermath. They also welcome other members of Sisters on the Fly to contact them in the event of natural disasters which require volunteer assistance to rebound from, as well as events or specific relief efforts that are currently in process, which require additional helping hands.