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Sit a Spell in Castell (Texas, that is…)

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Castell, Texas is definitely a “blink and miss it” kind of town, but don’t blink! The community is well worth the look. Rich in history, hospitality, and fishing, you’ll want to sit a spell and stay a while.


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Perched for the last 144 years at the intersections of FM 2768 and 152 in Llano County, this itty bitty German town named for the Count Carl Frederick Castell, who was charged with finding abundant and fertile land with which to relocate fellow German immigrants, represents big dreams of liberation and success.

While the population may not seem to indicate the fruition of those dreams, the attitudes of the founder’s descendants who still call it home certainly do. The locals are as colorful and the scenery. But, this town is by no means a hick town. One could learn a lot about Castell and even Texas in general should they take the time to listen.

Bluebonnet Cemetery

Photo: Bluebonnet Cemetery

Castell only has a few standing public buildings, including the original post office, and the history of each, the friendly faces, and the view of the water; wow, the views… all of that makes it a great day trip to this part of the Texas Hill Country. The old cemeteries there are definite worth exploring for any history and genealogy buffs.



Castell General Store boasts great barbecue as well as hamburgers and a quaint Hill Country flair in the decor. A cozy front porch on which to dine completes the experience. If you time your trip just right, you will discover your new favorite music artist, trying out his or hers most recent lyrics on the visitors… and rest assured, you will always find affable conversation to be had there.



Locals love to fill you in on the chronicles of Castell; some are related to those with first-hand knowledge of the pioneered town while others are musicians and writers who’ve relocated to the peaceful town to find their muse, and still, some are there to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.



If you have the time, the fishing is great fun here and you can always find a place on the river to put your kayak in, or maybe just a lawn chair so you can soak in all of the beautiful nature around you. Castell is also a wonderful cycle ride for the day, be it motor or peddle. The roads coming in, although mostly highway, are biker friendly, and your reward at the end of your journey is an amazing little jewel called Castell, where you will be richly welcomed.