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San Antonio Students Skip Prom to Go to Spurs Game Instead

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Tony Maples Photography


Sporting their prom attire, two San Antonio high school students decided to spend their prom night in a completely different venue than their official prom location. These two crazy kids ventured off to a Spurs game instead of their old-fashioned prom!

KENS5 points out that the pair were spotted in the crowd by the Kiss Cam, and they held up a sign that read, “We skipped senior prom 4 this game!!”, to show their fellow Spurs fans their devotion to the team. The San Antonio Spurs’s official Twitter page even tweeted a photo of the pair with the caption, “priorities in check.”

Some people were baffled with their choice since there are many Spurs games, but only one prom. Though getting on the Kiss Cam and having your photo tweeted out and liked and retweeted by thousands is probably a bit more exciting than a typical prom! It will certainly be a story they can tell for years to come.

Sadly, the Spurs lost that night, but one fan tweeted that the pair’s love affair with the Spurs shouldn’t end there. “The Spurs need to hook them up with some playoff tickets!