Study Finds Austin Men are the Worst-Behaved Singles in America

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According to an annual study completed by, it’s been identified that singles with the worst behavior appear to live in Austin. It was reported by Power 106.1 that the dating website’s annual “Singles in America” study (now in its eighth year) provided some interesting statistics for those in the Texas dating scene, which they attempted to expand upon. prefaces their survey detail by identifying that they reached out to, “…over 5,000 singles from all ages, ethnicities, incomes, and walks of life from across the nation with the help of our friends at Research Now and super-smart people like Dr. Helen Fisher and Dr. Justin R. Garcia.” Dr. Helen Fisher’s bio on the dating website notes that she is a “…Senior Research Fellow of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Bloomington.” She’s also listed as the Chief Scientific Advisor for Dr. Justin R. Garcia also hails from the Kinsey Institute, where he is a Ruth Halls Associate Professor. He co-authored “Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior,” and he is also a Scientific Advisor for

Study Finds Austin Men are the Worst-Behaved Singles in America

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In details garnered by the radio news outlet, the study indicated that Austin men were 549 percent more likely to ghost, 400 percent more likely to breadcrumb, and 297 percent more likely to come back as a zombie. What do these terms mean? “Ghosting” refers to the process of completely cutting off communication with someone you’re dating. They just stop talking to the person, normally by not returning text messages (in this day and age.) “Breadcrumbing” is dating slang for leading someone on. It refers to leaving just enough “breadcrumbs” or bits of information to keep them interested. And, when you’re a “zombie,” you’re someone who previously ghosted your partner and then tried to re-connect with them (again, usually by connecting with them via text or on social media) which could be weeks or months after cutting communication off.

Study Finds Austin Men are the Worst-Behaved Singles in America

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Interestingly enough, 75 percent of Austin singles have admitted to ghosting someone, 65 percent confessed to breadcrumbing, and 59 percent said they came back as a zombie. What is this world coming to? The real breadcrumb here for singles, however, is that according to this same study, if you’ve been the victim of either of these dating faux pas, you’re still 124 percent more likely to go on a date as opposed to other singles that haven’t experienced this, and you’re 64 percent more likely to discover a sexual partner within the next 365 days, despite it all. Where were all the good ones? El Paso men were apparently noted as least likely to breadcrumb (sounds like something you’d find in a high school yearbook, doesn’t it?!) and Fort Worth was where you were least likely to meet a zombie.