A Juicy New Study on the Most Sinful States: How Did Texas Rank?

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Some of the report results weren’t surprising. As an example, Nevada ranked highest for the number of people who are addicted to gambling. It also ranked number one for greed. Florida scored the highest for jealousy. Ohio came in first for excesses and vices, and New York state came in first place for vanity. The top infamous honors for anger and hatred went to Tennessee! The laziest state, according to the study, turned out to be West Virginia. The state which had the most sinful behavior overall was determined by the study to be Nevada. For more details on the study itself, how it was performed, and what the final results were, visit the WalletHub link provided here. It’s definitely an eye-opener with respect to how our behaviors can affect the world around us and how, as a collective, we can improve and grow.

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