Suicide Rescue That Almost Went Wrong

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Tony Maples Photography


A suicide rescue attempt almost had disastrous results. The attempt could have resulted in the death of the woman attempting to commit suicide as well as that of the firefighter trying to save her.

According to Godvine, officials in China’s Henan province received a call that a woman was trying to commit suicide by throwing herself off a tall apartment building. Firefighters responded to the call. When they reached the scene, a woman was found sitting on a ledge high on the side of the building.

Firefighters rigged up a harness and lowered a member of their team down to rescue the woman from the window above her. As the firefighter reaches her, something goes terribly wrong. He slips, and they both almost plunge to their deaths. Fortunately, someone on the floor below reached out and pulled both the woman and the firefighter to safety.