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Creating Superheroes, One Cape at a Time, for Children in Need

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Recently, staff members of Intel participated in a rewarding volunteer event. They had the opportunity to create superhero capes for some of the youngest superheroes fighting tough battles in their lives.

Working in connection with Partnerships for Children’s (PFC) Rainbow Room, Intel employees had the chance to create some very special capes with a purpose. “Having volunteers make these capes adds an extra sense of ‘We are here…and we care’ knowing that they put time and love into each cape,” said Marcus Cantu, Partnerships for Children’s Director of Resource Services. That time and love was with “the hopes that the children will go on to face the obstacles ahead while feeling empowered and heroic.”

The capes are distributed to the children placed in the care of CPS. A small gesture such as these capes can make all the difference to the kids, some of whom are dealing with trauma faced within the first few hours of coming into care.

Creating Superheroes, One Cape at a Time, for Children in Need

Photo: Courtesy of Partnerships for Children

“We have no control over the removal, the placement of the child, or what will happen in the future as they work toward reunification or adoption, but we can control what the child receives as tools to get through one of the most difficult things the child has faced so far in their lives,” shared Cantu.

These capes provide a wonderful outlet for the kids that brings with it a sense of comfort and security. Not to mention a little empowering strength when everything else seems scary and out of their control, helping them to imagine they’re real-life superheroes.

According to their website, Partnerships for Children is a nonprofit in Central Texas that leads a collection of programs that offer resources, support, and comfort for foster children and families in our community. Intel is a big supporter of PFC. They donate more than 100 bikes for the organization’s annual Holiday Wishes program, as well as participate in volunteer shifts throughout the year.