Taco Bell Teams Up With Forever 21 for a Unique Clothing Line

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Tony Maples Photography


In an odd, but perhaps completely brilliant, business move, fast food chain Taco Bell and hip clothing store Forever 21 are joining forces to create a line of clothes with Taco Bell branding. Of course, these won’t be just basic t-shirts with a photo of a plate of Nachos Bellgrande on them. As describes, “Think a pink pullover sweatshirt with an embroidered ‘Live Mas’ logo on the chest, or a tank top designed to look like a packet of the chain’s signature Fire Sauce.”

Those two designs will be joined by others on the Forever 21 website and in stores on October 11. The young people who choose to sport the loud Taco Bell looks will act as a walking advertisement for the company while looking very in-style. Like RetailNext’s (a retail consulting firm) Lauren Bitar told USA Today, “The more eye roll-worthy style will no doubt do better than the styles that are more serious. With attire like this, you go ridiculous or you go home.”

USA Today adds that Taco Bell isn’t the only fast-food chain to cash in on outrageous clothing trends. McDonald’s sells leggings, boardshorts, rain boots, and even raincoats with their famous Big Macs on them (as seen here).