Tamale Mouse is San Antonio’s Answer to New York’s Pizza Rat

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Tony Maples Photography


Know Your Meme reminds us that back in September 2015, New Yorker Matt Little filmed a 15-second video of a rat dragging an entire slice of pizza down the stairs of a train station. The video accumulated over 15 million views and Pizza Rat became a media sensation.

Now, KENS 5 has spread the news of San Antonio’s version of Pizza Rat – Tamale Mouse. “Even the mice in San Antonio are excited for tamale season!” they wrote on a video posted to Facebook this week, where a tiny mouse somehow manages to pick up an entire tamale outside of a store and drag it away for safe keeping.

The video was captured by Vanessa, and the clip can be seen in the YouTube video below. The YouTube video hasn’t caught on quite yet, but the KENS 5 post has already reached 39 thousand views and 267 shares. Chris Jameson commented, “That’s cute but gross at the same time.” And while some people weren’t happy seeing a mouse so close to a place of business, others see the cuteness in these little critters. “How cute. What restaurant is this? I’ll go there just for the mouse show,” Bobby Martin wrote.