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Tea Rooms in the Texas Hill Country for Tip Top Teas

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While coffee reigns supreme in America, many still appreciate the laid-back atmosphere of tea rooms. The Texas Hill Country offers several of these cafes and the teas which are served give you a chance to stop in the afternoon and reflect. Try these top tea rooms in the Texas Hill Country when tea time rolls around.

1. The Steeping Room – Austin, TX

Tea from The Steeping Room Tea Room in Austin

Photo: Facebook/The Steeping Room

For tea anytime of the day, try The Steeping Room in Austin. This is one place to go when you want a variety of tea service styles. Everything from children’s tea to English scone to Middle Eastern snacks are among the service options. If you want something more substantial, try the options on the full breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus. Though you cannot get the full experience of a tea service at home, The Steeping Room does sell its teas for you to brew when you cannot get to any area tea rooms.

2. Full English – Austin, TX

Full English Tea Room in Austin

Photo: Facebook/Full English

Feeling fancy? Book a spot for high tea at Full English in Austin. Founded by a British family, you can feel assured of an authentic experience. Should you prefer to skip high tea, you can still hang out for a meal or just sip some tea. Yes, you can get coffee too, but the tea drinks draw attention. Choose from leaf or bagged tea, and order by the cup or pot. The options range from standard breakfast tea to unusual ginger peach oolong. And if you get hungry, this tea room serves breakfast all day and also has fish and chips and other savory dishes.

3. The Peach Tree – Fredericksburg, TX

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Photo: Facebook/The Peach Tree

The Peach Tree in Fredericksburg features everything you’d expect to see in a cozy tea room. You will find homemade dishes on the menu and a quaint environment in the dining area. A variety of fresh-baked bread, sweet desserts, and tasty sandwiches are only a few of the menu items you’ll find here. Though this tea room does not serve high tea, you can still get hot tea by the cup or pot and delicious, homemade desserts to accompany it. Not only can you enjoy comfort foods here but also shop for unique gifts. Visit The Peach Tree when you want a fun, casual afternoon to relax in Fredericksburg.

4. Sana Vida Spa and Tea Bar – Marble Falls, TX

Sana Vida Spa and Tea Bar in Marble Falls

Photo: Facebook/Sana Vida

If you think tea rooms should be relaxing, try Sana Vida, which has both a spa and a tea bar in the same building. You can try botanical blends with healthy attributes such as calming the mind or boosting the immune system. If you prefer specialty teas, you will find those, too. All teas served at Sana Vida’s tea bar lack any additional flavorings, so you can enjoy the natural flavor of each tea.

5. Garden Tea Lounge – San Antonio, TX

Chai at Garden Tea Lounge one of the many Texas Hill Country Tea Rooms

Photo: Facebook/Craftiques Mall & Garden Tea Lounge

Located in the Craftiques Mall in San Antonio, Garden Tea Lounge seems inauspicious, but tea lovers across the city love this little gem for its wide selection of brewed teas and gifts. You can order teas by the ounce to take home or by the pot to drink there. Occasionally, the Garden Tea Lounge will host flights, which allow attendees to try a variety of different teas, and tea talks. Make this tea shop your next destination whether you want to sip tea in a cozy atmosphere with cheeses, sweets, and scones, or purchase some fresh to take home.