Texas Airports Boast Mind-Boggling Displays of Artwork

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Art comes in all shapes and forms, each showcasing its own kind of mesmerizing beauty behind the creative genius of the artists. Captivating its audiences, art can be an outlet through which many of us get lost behind its impressive expressions. What better way to feel at ease before boarding a long flight than gazing upon the mystique of artistic displays as you make your way through the airport.

“Flying is famously not an experience we look forward to,” notes Matt Evans of San Antonio International Airport. “But we’re working to reframe that narrative with art,” Evans shared in an article from Below are a few Texas airports known for their artistic displays found along their airport corridors, garnering the attention of thousands of travelers each day.

1. William P. Hobby Airport

Texas Airports Boast Mind-Boggling Displays of Artwork

The Houston Airport System has one of the largest collections of public art in the state of Texas. Artwork can be found as you drive onto the grounds and throughout the various terminals. You are greeted with impressive displays, which include sculptures, photographs, and glass mosaics made primarily by Texas-based artists.

Each artwork is symbolic in its own nature with various themes displayed throughout the airport corridors. Outside of the passenger drop-off area, you are greeted with a piece titled “Call Ernie,” by Jim Love, a painted steel aircraft reminiscent of the old days. Inside, as you stand in line to go through security, you can look up and be amazed by a piece called “Cloud Room Field,” by Christian Eckart, a beautiful mosaic glass artwork. A bronze sculpture titled “Moon Shadow,” by Joseph Havel awaits you at International Arrivals. How about a piece of art you can sit on as you wait? It’s called, “Somewhere Between Here And There,” with concrete and LED light work spelling out the title.

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