The 2021 Texas Auto Show Draws Crowds at the State Fair of Texas

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The Texas Auto Show is always a major draw for the State Fair of Texas, which returned to larger than expected opening day crowds for 2021. Throngs of fairgoers flooded the gates at Fair Park in Dallas when they opened Sept. 24, showing just how much we had been missing the great State Fair of Texas.

The Automobile Bldg. and Continental Bldg. drew some of the largest crowds of all on opening day. Masks are required inside the buildings, but some fairgoers were still reluctant to mingle with that many people indoors. Even to see all the newest coupes, sedans, and SUVs inside.

Luckily, those longing to get up close and personal with snazzy new vehicles had plenty of outdoor options with the creative outdoor displays on Truck Row.

Ram TRX Thrill Ride

The 2021 Texas Auto Show Draws Crowds at the State Fair of Texas

Photo: TRX Thrill Ride photo courtesy Ram

Texas is truly Truck Country, and the Fair always offers a dazzling display of these vehicles. Originally used as workhorses by farmers and other hard-workers, some of the fancier new models are show horses now. These fancy trucks are trimmed out in premium materials, and can take you to the opera, symphony, or a five-star restaurant in style.

Special exhibits on Truck Row start with the Ram brand display, located next to the Music Hall at Fair Park. The Ram Truck display features three new models making their debut at the Fair. Ram also offers their new Ram TRX thrill ride with professional drivers taking fair-goers for an exciting adventure ride.

We’re told the truck’s wheels are airborne at times during the drive! The 2022 TRX boasts a powerful 6.2 liter HEMI V-8 engine is more than up to the task.

Toyota Trucks Made in Texas

The 2021 Texas Auto Show Draws Crowds at the State Fair of Texas

Photo: Toyotas photo courtesy State Fair of Texas

The all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra stands Texas proud, next door to the Ram display. The Tundra and smaller Tacoma trucks have the distinction of being the only trucks that are actually built in Texas, in the company’s San Antonio Toyota plant.

Nissan Motors display their Frontier and Titan trucks just across from the Music Hall, in an artistic environment that’s cleverly decorated with drawings and graffiti. Visitors are welcomed by a soundtrack of pure Country music and songs about Texas, and a sidewalk drawing of an Armadillo. Guests are invited to search for an elusive Golden Dragon somewhere in the drawings, but I wasn’t able to find him (or her). We did enjoy their exhibit, and the creativity displayed along with those lovely new Nissan trucks.

Traveling along Truck Row, truck lovers encounter all the great trucks displayed at the Ford truck exhibit, immediately followed by a lineup of GMC and Chevrolet trucks. The first ever Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 off-road trim is ready for photo ops, and is making its first public appearance at the Fair.

Texas Auto Show Truck Row

The 2021 Texas Auto Show Draws Crowds at the State Fair of Texas

Photo: Holt photo

Touring the Texas Auto Show’s Truck Row is the perfect way to view all the newest pickup trucks, ranging from light weight to heavy duty models, off-road to premium versions, side by side. Several of the manufacturers offer ride and drive experiences to fairgoers who sign up at their exhibit. All Texas Auto Show car and truck exhibits, activities, and games are free with admission to the Fair.

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