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Texas Father Beat His Daughter’s Molester to Death with Bare Hands

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Let’s take a look back at a case of true Texas justice. In June 2012, a Texas father beat his daughter’s rapist to death. How this case of justified homicide was handled is a hallmark of Lonestar law.

On June 9, 2012, in a ranch on the outskirts of Shiner, Texas, the adults were shoeing a horse while a little girl and her brother went to feed the chickens. 47-year-old Jesus Mora Flores grabbed the five-year-old girl and carried her off to an isolated shack. The girl’s brother ran to tell their father. The father, a 23-year-old man unnamed by authorities, rushed toward his daughter’s screams. When the father burst into the shack, he saw Flores and his daughter, both with their underwear removed. The father pulled Flores off the girl in a blind rage and started beating the pedophile with his fists. He struck blows to the pedo’s head and neck and beat the pedophile to death with his bare hands.

Texas Father Beat His Daughter's Molester to Death with Bare Hands

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The Texas father is described by locals as a peaceful man, and he even called for an ambulance for Flores. After calling 9-1-1, the father told the dispatcher he’d beaten up the man he discovered raping his daughter. The police and emergency crews struggled to locate the isolated ranch, prompting the father to tell the dispatcher, “Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don’t know what to do!” When emergency responders arrived, they found Flores dead with his pants and underwear around his ankles. The little girl was taken to a hospital. According to the sheriff at the time of the assault, she was going to be okay, “besides the obvious mental trauma.” Authorities report that forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts corroborate the father’s story.

Flores, according to various reports, was a farmhand who “came to the ranch with a family friend” or was “hired to help tend to some of the family’s horses.” Flores had been living in Gonzales, Texas, and was in possession of a green card. Investigators worked with the Mexican Consulate in an attempt to locate his family.

Texas Father Beat His Daughter's Molester to Death with Bare Hands

Photo: envato elements

Sheriff Micah Harmon did not press charges against the father and deferred the incident to a grand jury. “You have a right to defend your daughter,” the sheriff said. The Lavaca County grand jury later called it a justified homicide and did not press charges against the father. Under law in the State of Texas, deadly force is justified to stop an aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault. Many residents of Lavaca County expressed support for the father, saying that Flores deserved the deadly beating. The father’s name has not been released for the protection of his identity.

A decade has passed since this young father administered swift justice to his daughter’s abuser. Now some radical political groups, academics, and publishers are attempting to normalize pedophilia in American society by the use of such politically correct terms for pedophiles as “MAPs (Minor Attracted Person).” This look back at a case of Texas justice serves as an important reminder of our duty to protect children and a deadly-serious warning to all pedophiles.