Good Morning! Texas Hill Country Dawn [VIDEO]

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Tony Maples Photography


Over the years, the Texas Hill Country earned a reputation for its rustic, natural beauty. Countless inspired onlookers have quietly absorbed the last warm rays of the sun as it slips below the hills, or awaken at dawn to find the sparkle of a sunrise glistening over the dew drenched landscape. There is no place on earth as beautiful as the Texas Hill Country.

A unique spectacle is the ghostly beauty of foggy morning sunrises. You can almost feel the sun pulling the blankets back up over its head, trying desperately to get one more wink of sleep before it must rise with the rest of us. With the help of unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, we can enjoy the magnificence of this phenomenon from a bird’s eye view.

Video by Jeromy Kusch

A hundred feet above the ground the blanket of fog can be seen softly weaving amongst the hills near Tarpley, Texas during an early winter sunrise a week ago. The beauty of the Texas Hill Country is never ending.