What Exactly is the Texas Hill Country?

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The Texas Hill Country can be defined by numerous things, but we’re going to focus on two main components: geography and symbols of the Hill Country. Take a gander at these, and you’ll certainly acquaint yourself with the Texas Hill Country.


What Exactly is the Texas Hill Country?

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  1. Area: The Texas Hill Country begins in the north where the rolling plains and prairies ends at the Balcones Escarpment in the south and east and extends west to Edwards Plateau.
  2. Metropolitan Areas: Austin and San Antonio are the two major metropolitan areas in The Texas Hill Country. San Antonio has a population of 1.4 million (larger than Dallas). Austin has a population of 885,400.
  3. Counties: The Texas Hill Country includes 25 counties.
  4. Topography: The area is composed of karst topography. The geography is shaped by the dissolving of water-soluble rock such as granite and limestone.
  5. Llano Uplift: The Llano Uplift is a dome formed from Precambrian rock and includes the second largest granite dome in the U.S. – Enchanted Rock.
What Exactly is the Texas Hill Country?
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