Texas Hill Country Means Big Business

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Everyone knows that “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” and that definitely includes big business. Whether it’s the tech industry in Austin, the banking business in San Antonio, or any of the numerous startup companies throughout the Hill Country, one thing is certain, business is booming in Texas.

Big Business in the Texas Hill Country


In 2015, Texas-based businesses grew at a much more rapid pace than the rest of the nation. Texas had an 8.2 percent revenue growth compared to the rest of the nation’s 6.1 percent growth. With revenue growth also comes employment and Texas companies doubled the nations average with 7.8 percent growth in employment compared to 3.6 percent. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder companies are flocking to Texas and so many startup companies are popping up.

The Hill Country is benefiting directly from this big business boom. New Braunfels has scored a major deal with Canadian Company, CGT U.S. Limited. They will be building a manufacturing plant that will bring almost 300 jobs to the Hill Country area. The company produces coated fabrics for the automotive industry and is planning to invest $80 million in its New Braunfels manufacturing facility. San Antonio, well known for being a big banking city, is also getting a boost. Crocket National Bank recently announced that it would be moving its headquarters from San Angelo to San Antonio. Moves like these help grow the Hill Country economy by boosting local sales and property tax revenue.

Yeti Coolers


Smaller startup companies are also doing great in the Texas Hill Country. Businesses like Yeti Coolers, based out of Austin, are booming and continuously expanding their product line for a growing demand. Restaurants and wineries are profiting from all the money flowing into the Texas Hill Country. Forecasts predicts the Texas wine industry will pour two billion dollars into the state economy this year.

Winery Grapes


Texas is the place to be for business right now, and you could not ask for a more perfect backdrop than the Texas Hill Country. With our gorgeous landscape, beautiful and ever changing weather, delicious food, and booming economy, anyone can carve out their own little piece of paradise right here; deep in the heart of Texas.