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Texas Man Struck by Lightning had Shoes and Socks Blown Off

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The National Severe Storms Laboratory reports that lightning usually strikes taller objects, such as buildings and trees. However, such is not the case with a Texas man who was out walking his dogs on Thursday, October 3, 2019 when he was struck. Alex Coreas was the victim of a lightning strike and sustained “very serious injuries,” but he’s going to survive due to the efforts of good Samaritans who ran to his aide.

Coreas and his three dogs were walking out of the Meyer Park Dog Park, located in Spring, Texas, when he was struck by lightning. A Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital clinic worker told KTRK-TV, “His shoes and his socks got blown off his feet.” Another witness said he heard an “incredibly loud sound” when the strike occurred, and then saw Coreas on the ground. “The whole front of his shirt was burned,” he explained to Storyful. An animal hospital technician was then flagged down, and began performing CPR on Coreas, with the help of another person. In time, his pulse returned. He began breathing once again, just as the ambulance arrived. “We rolled him over. We were knocking him on his back, telling him, ‘It’s OK. You got hit by lightning,'” a witness told KTRK. From there, he was airlifted to Memorial Hermann hospital.

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Coreas is now in recovery following the lightning strike. Family members have said that he sustained a swollen eye, a fractured temporal bone, fractured ribs, bruising, and a number of muscle ruptures. “His clothes caught on fire from the lightning strike, his shoes were knocked off, and he fell forward to the ground,” they outlined in a GoFundMe page established to cover medical expenses for Coreas. In the meantime, it was discovered by area media that the lightning strike left a “gaping hole” in the concrete where he was struck while walking the dogs.