Why You Need to See a Texas Renaissance Fair in the Near Future

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Every year, at least one, if not several, renaissance fairs take place in the state of Texas. Why? Because they’re amazingly festive, outdoor events that the whole family can get involved in. And they’re fun! Some of them feature costume contests or cos-play, fire juggling, feats of strength, plays and stunts, and amazing food. According to Thrillist, across the country, more than 1 million people go to them on an annual basis. They’re not just for those who like the period costumes, and they’re definitely not just designed with kids in mind. There are three such Texas fairs happening in the very near future, and here’s the low-down on why you need to see at least one of them.

1. Texas Renaissance Festival

Photo: Facebook/Texas Renaissance Festival

Known as the largest of its kind, the Texas Renaissance Festival is situated just outside of Houston, and this annual event spans eight weekends through the months of October, November, and now into December. This unique Plantersville event features primitive camping on-site, themed weekends, and so many different entertainment options, vendors, and food booths that you might not know where to begin! It’s also renowned for being a family-friendly event, which should make this one worthy of top-billing in your “things to do this fall in Texas” list.

2. Kerrville Renaissance Festival

Why You Need to See a Texas Renaissance Fair in the Near Future

Photo: Pixabay

The Kerrville Renaissance Festival, in the Texas Hill Country, is scheduled for January 24 – February 2, 2020. No matter the weather, the show will go on, allowing fans and families to “Travel back in time to the middle ages…” This event is said to be loaded with romance, adventure, great music, and family fun for all ages. There will be games of skill, a marketplace, excellent food, and more than 40 artisans and entertainers!

3. Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Why You Need to See a Texas Renaissance Fair in the Near Future

Photo: Facebook/Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Held in Waxahachie, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival is hosted over weekends throughout April and May. The upcoming 2020 event is scheduled for April 4 – May 25. This event is recognized for its intimate setting, smaller than the Texas Renaissance Festival but still large enough to produce exciting entertainment! Aside from a great lineup of entertainers, the Scarborough fair offers visitors medieval meals, vendors, and games and entertainment. There are also services that complement the affair, such as costume rentals and even wedding packages!