Texas-Themed Christmas Wreaths to Welcome Guests Home

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There are a number of Christmas traditions and decorations we use and display over the holiday season. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? As an example, we traditionally hang a Christmas wreath on our doors. But what does it stand for? Thankfully, we have the logic behind this one. The Christmas wreath gets its roots from the Christian faith. It was meant to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on the cross. Evergreen branches were traditionally used to denote eternal life. By hanging a Christmas wreath on your door, as a Christian it meant you were inviting the spirit of Christ into your home. Likewise, some believe their origin goes back to German folklore, where the evergreen boughs of the wreath were a symbol of sustained life as well as continuity during the gloomy winter months. It stands to reason, then, with our German roots in the Texas Hill Country, and our faith-based roots throughout the state, that we’ve managed to come up with some rather inspired Texas-themed Christmas wreaths. Here are just a few!

1. Horse Head Wreath

Texas-Themed Christmas Wreaths to Welcome Guests Home

Photo: Etsy/kristiegill

This beautiful horse head wreath is available as a kit on Etsy. As far as Texas-themed Christmas wreaths go, this is most definitely unique, not to mention beautiful. The maker originally posted her own version on Pinterest, which generated so much interest and enthusiasm, she started a link for the kit (which doesn’t include the greens,) online, available here. You can also order the brass nameplate you see in the photo, personalized for the family name you wish. It comes with a wireframe and hanger, ribbon, webbing, and brass halter. The decorations include a seed pod eye, a pinecone for its nose, and beautiful pieces for its crown.

2. State Flag of Texas Wreath

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Photo: Facebook/Amanda Vaughn

Paying homage to all things Lone Star State, this is one of the most beautiful Texas-themed Christmas wreaths we’ve seen. This is a design that’s simple to make after a quick trip to your local craft store. Links to preparing a wreath like this (which appears to be based on one of spruce boughs,) can be found readily online. Or, if you have a crafty neighbor or friends, you could have a wreath-making party to share the concept and get some made together!

3. Wagon Wheel Wreath

Texas-Themed Christmas Wreaths to Welcome Guests Home

Photo: Facebook/Frieda Sproles Meeks

With an eye for country-style living, which we tend to be quite proud of, and a focus on the state at the hub of it all, this is one of the more authentic Texas-themed Christmas wreaths we came across. For sure you can mimic the design using something similar at home. Or perhaps you can source a wagon wheel at a local antique store. The idea here is focusing on the simple and classic design, while incorporating parts of the Lone Star State that you love. This wreath would be welcoming to any person coming to your front door over the holidays and speaks volumes about how you wish to celebrate the season!