This Charming Texas Town is the Honey Capital of the World

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During the 1905 World’s Fair, Uvalde, in the Texas Hill Country, was honored as the Honey Capital of the World. According to an article by Susan L. Ebert in the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, “In the 1870s, pioneer settlers discovered hollow trees and caves brimming with bees and honey. Later, commercial beekeepers would ship honey all over the world from Uvalde, and the bees would play an important role in pollinating crops such as cantaloupe and cucumber.” Since that time, the town has been steadily cultivating this liquid gold, living up to its title in gallon upon gallon.

The type of blooms and flowering shrubs necessary to attract bees are found abundantly around Uvalde. Their nectar and pollen (the food source for bees) are the lifeline for honey production. Some people are hobby beekeepers, while others in the area have taken honey production to a business level. Each hive that’s maintained can produce four gallons of honey each year. It’s with good reason that Uvalde is known as the Honey Capital of the World.

This Charming Texas Town is the Honey Capital of the World

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In an article by Ann Harman, on, she said, “In 2015 Texas ranked 5th in honey produced. Texas is well known for its citrus crops, especially the ruby red grapefruit. Oranges and other related citrus plants are also cultivated… In Texas the mesquite tree (also called honey mesquite) produces a rare but very popular and flavorful honey. This honey has been described as being light or light amber and even dark amber… The shrubby huajillo produces another famous Texas honey. It is light in color with a mild but rich flavor…beekeepers began to discover that good honey production was not only possible but that Texas honey varieties were excellent and marketable. Today it is sixth in honey production in the U.S.” She also said that huajillo honey won first prize at the 1900 World Fair, which was held in Paris, France. It’s the type of plant and subsequent nectar which can be found in abundance in and around Uvalde.

This Charming Texas Town is the Honey Capital of the World

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In celebration of the honor of being the Honey Capital of the World, Uvalde hosted its first annual honey festival on June 14 and 15 of 2019. It marked 114 years since the original title was given, and locals and visitors alike enjoyed food items cooked and infused with honey, a 5K, a poker run, vendors, late-night shopping, and a street dance, among other fun activities. The event was a resounding success and brought attention to beekeeping and honey cultivation where previously, not many celebratory platforms such as this existed. Bee and honey education were provided by the Texas Beekeepers Association, Texas A&M AgriLife, and Texas Master Naturalists. In preparation for a pending follow-up event, keep your eyes peeled to the official website at the link available here, as well as their Facebook page for upcoming social media updates and 2nd annual event details.