Texas Twinkies & Armadillo Eggs for Days…Yes Please!

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Kent Rollins is a story-teller who is second-to-none. He’s also a cowboy and a chuckwagon cook. So, it stands to reason, he knows a thing or two about producing some mouthwatering food that we here in the Lone Star State can appreciate. In a video upload to his official YouTube channel, Cowboy Kent Rollins shows you how to make Texas Twinkies and Armadillo Eggs, two versions of the Jalapeno Popper we’ve come to know and love.

According to Yeti, Rollins’ “chicken fried steak outperformed Bobby Flay’s on the Food Network’s TV show Throwdown! With Bobby Flay.” So, if you’re wondering if he can cook, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Not only that, but he has a character about him that is witty and loaded with country charm. Rollins also has a ranch lifestyle enthusiasm that’s contagious, and he spends much of his time traveling across the country with his wife Shannon, sharing stories and feeding cowboys at a variety of agricultural locales, just like a top-notch chuckwagon cook would.

Rollins’ recipe and technique for Texas Twinkies and Armadillo Eggs are easy to follow in the video above. It’s been viewed more than 300K times and the comments identify him as the “Bob Ross of comfy cooking.” Who first coined the term “Texas Twinkie?” We’re not exactly sure. But the creation of such a recipe, along with the Armadillo Egg is something that’s indescribably delicious. These gastronomical delights may at first make you wonder what in the world could be so great about them, until you take your first bite. Although there are a number of recipes, techniques, and cooks out there who appear to have great game when it comes to food, Kent Rollins shares his information and experience in a way that endears him to his audience, making you want to learn even more from this seasoned seasoning vet.