This Austin Company is Refurbishing Shipping Containers into Quaint Additions

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Tony Maples Photography


After Patrice Rios, owner of Sige and Honey, completed the first few shipping containers, she knew she was onto something incredible.

Her design company, Sige and Honey, focuses on creating custom designs via shipping containers to help clients expand their homes and lives with ease. Right on trend with the new tiny house craze, these beautiful shipping containers turn into something so incredible, you never would know what they began as.

As KVUE reported, Rios decided she wanted to begin to incorporate the containers into home design, whether it be through an addition or as a central living space itself. As she completed project after project, she began to push the limits of the shipping containers.

Currently, Sige and Honey is completing a duplex in East Austin made to “look like a container with two actually shipping containers behind it.” Rios told KVUE that “they’re going to be work studios or possibly bedrooms. Everything is insulated.”

While the price of the designs runs between $80-$300 per square foot, and her first design was her 160-square-foot backyard office, they are incredibly beautiful and convenient, especially if one doesn’t have much space to spare.

So far, Rios has been featured on HGTV and will no doubt continue to amen waves with her beautiful designs in the future.