Three Texas Beaches That Are Bonfire Friendly: Know Before You Go

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With over 3,000 miles of gorgeous coastline, Texas may seem like a veritable paradise for having beach bonfires, and when you’re out playing on the shore or in the water all day, a fire on the beach is a great way to relax at the close of the day. Local burn laws, however, affect when and where a beach bonfire can be held. Due to the hot and dry conditions in Texas, coupled with the high winds off of the ocean, there are seasonal restrictions and many beaches don’t allow bonfires. But, if you plan ahead, and arrive prepared, you can help to protect the environment and stay safe. Here are three Texas beaches that are bonfire friendly, so you know before you go.

1. Boca Chica Beach, Brownsville

Three Texas Beaches That Are Bonfire Friendly: Know Before You Go

Photo: Facebook/Codie Malone

Boca Chica Beach is the southernmost beach in Texas and is considerably off the beaten trail. Situated south of the South Padre Island shipping channel, this beach is dog-friendly and offers hot weather, warm water, and an undeveloped feeling. It’s both quiet and loaded with solitude. You may come across families or small groups, but it’s not out of the ordinary to have a very large stretch of sandy beach all to yourself. Boca Chica allows bonfires without permits, with the stipulation that you extinguish the flames with water prior to burying the coals. To be extra safe and help prevent wildfires, make sure that the coals are cool to the touch before you make your departure.

2. Padre Balli Park, Padre Island

Three Texas Beaches That Are Bonfire Friendly: Know Before You Go

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If your stay finds you in the northern portion of Padre Island, then Padre Balli Park is a great place for a beach bonfire. This is a pet-friendly park, popular with swimmers, surfers, and fishermen offering lots of beach space. Often hosting many a group sitting around a cozy sunset fire, permits are not required, but there are a few requirements by local law. The prevailing winds must not exceed 20 miles per hour, your bonfire site needs to be at least 50 feet from any structure, 25 feet from any vehicle, and 75 feet from the sand dunes, and the fire pit can’t be any larger than 3 feet wide. You are also required by the park to use wood that’s without nails or screws, and you’ll need to extinguish the fire with water when done.

3. Mustang Island Beach

Three Texas Beaches That Are Bonfire Friendly: Know Before You Go

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The ultimate Texas beach bonfire destination is beautiful Mustang Island Beach. A popular camping and swimming area, the beach is situated in Mustang Island State Park. With ample parking, clean facilities, and a beautiful beach that is dog-friendly (on a leash) bonfires are a perfect addition. Permits aren’t required but the park’s regulations stipulate that you’ll need to check with the park office to ensure there aren’t any current fire bans in place due to a dry season, and any fires are to be kept small to avoid any further complications.