WhatALove: Top 5 Whataburger Creative Inspirations

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Unlike prior concepts designed by fans, the Whataburger James Avery charm was a creation designed with the open participation of the Whataburger franchise. James Avery Craftsman Designs worked with the company to develop the charm which sold out in a matter of one day! If that’s not proof of our big love for this company, we don’t know what is. Whataburger jewelry was a new concept, but clearly not one that missed its mark.

4. Whataburger Dorm Room Décor

WhatABigLove: Top 5 Whataburger Creative Inspirations


In the summer of 2018, as students were returning to classes at Texas universities, many were getting their dorm rooms decked out by their moms or other family members wanting to make them feel at home. However, Enrique Alcoreza, a Trinity University college student, was getting his room redone in true Whataburger style – by the company itself! As a result of being a super fan of the fast food chain, Alcoreza was shown some love. Whataburger helped him out with some dorm duds that would cause many a student to drool. For inspiration on how it was done, to try and replicate the fast-food fashion for a student at home, read the full story here.

5. Whatacoop

WhatABigLove: Top 5 Whataburger Creative Inspirations


With a pending move to a rural area, Trisha Ruiz’s husband wanted to accommodate her love for Whataburger in the process. She had two requests for their relocation: that she be close enough to get to her favorite fast-food chain within 10 minutes and that she could raise her own chickens. By combining both her requests into one great solution, her husband got creative with the Whatacoop – a hen house that created a social media sensation! Designed to look like a Whataburger franchise, the coop keeps her feathered friends warm and has drawn a lot of attention from the locals. Those looking to draw from their inspiration can read the article here.

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