Tour Around San Antonio on a Tricycle: Try a Texas Trike Tour!

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Looking for an unusual tour of San Antonio? We’ve got one for you. San Antonio Bike Tours. The name is a bit misleading. Sightseeing takes place on tricycles, not bicycles. Gather your family or friends and peddle around San Antonio at a relaxed, stable tricycle pace. Tricycle pedal pushers average about five miles per hour.

Steve Wood, owner of San Antonio Bike Tours, provides the trike, helmets, headsets, and safety information. Before you take off, he’ll adjust the seats to your liking. Recline or sit up as much as you prefer. As Steve directs the expedition, he speaks about each venue, and he’s easily understood through the headphones. His life’s partner, Suzanne Teshera, rides rearguard and provides extra safety for the travels.

Tour Around San Antonio on a Tricycle: Try a Texas Trike Tour!

Photo: photo courtesy San Antonio Bike Tours

While a number of Steve’s excursions focus on specific sites: parks, missions, or River Walk, others center on the central part of San Antonio. Trike adventures are designed to last two, four, or six hours, depending upon chosen location. Breaks are provided and so are refreshments from local vendors. A cold fruit cup on a warm day from Fruiteria La Mission adds a special treat.

San Antonio is one of the first cities to require tour guide certification. To become certified, one must go through a six-month training program and pass a 250 written-question exam. After the written exam, an individual must master an oral exam.  Once certified, continuing education is mandatory. Steve Wood is certified and has owned San Antonio Bike Tours for over ten years. He often tells the pedal pushers they shouldn’t be surprised when people take photos of them. A cluster of unexpected folks on tricycles delivers a fascinating distraction to the otherwise predictable historical sites.

Tour Around San Antonio on a Tricycle: Try a Texas Trike Tour!

Photo: photo courtesy San Antonio Bike Tours

Covid-19 has brought a few changes to the trike tours this year. Steve follows city and state rules. Masks are required, and temperatures are checked before the trip starts. Tours are now limited to family or groups of friends—people who’ve known each other and already established with each other. No strangers are permitted in the designated party, and the maximum number for an assemblage is nine.

San Antonio Bike Tours doesn’t have a retail location. Expeditions are made by appointment only. Price per person: $75 for two hours, $125 for four hours, and $200 for six hours.

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