Tubing This Mountainside River is a Beautiful Texas Adventure

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Located in Concan, Texas, Garner State Park offers some of the most majestic scenery you’ll ever come across. Mountainous views and rivers with such natural beauty are meant to be enjoyed, and not just caught on a camera for shares on social media. Such is the case with the Frio River, which has inspired song lyrics, an entire vacation property, and has even set the stage for a ghost story or two! But nothing about it can keep you from tubing around the base of Old Baldy, the mountain around which it circumnavigates.

Located in the Texas Hill Country, Concan and Garner State Park have proven to be family vacation hot spots for their lush greenery, the natural beauty they’re surrounded by, and the gentle current of the refreshing Frio River, helping you drift your cares away. The park itself entails close to 2K acres and features a variety of outdoor activities for family recreation, such as canoeing, biking, hiking, mini golf, and of course, tubing. For almost three miles, the Frio runs through Garner State Park, its pristine, cool water providing ample opportunity for guests to float away through the lush foliage.

Tubing This Mountainside River is a Beautiful Texas Adventure

Photo: Facebook/Garner State Park

Families can enjoy water play on the sandbars, which allow easy access in and out. The gentle current makes it a relaxed float or paddle, whichever your preference. You’ll get the opportunity to float by Old Baldy, towering over you in all its majesty! With mountains and beaches combined, you’d almost think you were in a tropical paradise. It’s definitely a unique and inviting Texas setting. In addition to tubing, paddling, or simply playing in the Frio, there are also 16 miles of hiking trails throughout the park. At a variety of skill levels, they’re made for one and all to enjoy, and there’s an Interactive Trails Map which allows you to learn more in advance.

Tubing This Mountainside River is a Beautiful Texas Adventure

Photo: Facebook/ConCan, Texas

Those interested in making their stay an overnight one can book cabins as well as tent sites at Garner State Park. Likewise, Frio Country Resort is an excellent family accommodation option nearby. Either way, you’re sure to set your eyes on some incredible sights you weren’t anticipating, and experience a tubing trip you won’t soon forget!