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Two Texas Officers Deliver a Baby at a Gas Station

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Tony Maples Photography


This week in Navasota, Texas a baby boy named Oscar couldn’t wait to be born in a hospital. Instead, he made his debut at a gas station off of Highway 6 with the help of two Texas officers named Trooper Dylan Duke and Deputy Steven Siracusa and the St Joseph dispatch team.

Evidentially, there was no time to get Oscar’s mother to the hospital. Trooper Duke told KHOU, “The baby needed to be delivered now. It was ready.” He called St Joseph dispatch, and along with the help Deputy Siracusa, they delivered the child despite inexperience in the unique situation.

Deputy Siracusa admitted that even though he’s a father himself, he had never found himself in a situation quite like this one. Trooper Duke even confessed, “I was nervous at first, but after breathing and staying calm I was able to help out.”

Now, a photo of the pair holding baby Oscar has gone viral as a much needed lighthearted story in the news. Of course, Oscar’s parents are their biggest fans and are thankful for the help with bringing their baby into the world. They invited the Trooper and Deputy to his Baptism, and Trooper Duke has already visited the happy family again to meet in a less stressful situation.