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The University of Texas in San Antonio’s President Resigns

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The president of the University of Texas-San Antonio, Dr. Ricardo Romo, officially stepped down from his position on Friday. For the past two weeks, Romo was on administrative leave while officials looked into his conduct concerning inappropriate hugs given to students.

According to MySA.com, Romo was set to retire in August of this year before the controversy came to light. In a statement from Romo he says, “I have been made aware that the manner in which I embraced women made them uncomfortable and was inappropriate.” ABC 13 quotes an additional statement Romo made that reads, “If they were thought improper and offensive then they were, and but for a prohibition from contacting anyone involved I would have already directly apologized.”

Since UTSA was gearing up to fill the role of president in the fall regardless of the controversy, they’ve placed Pedro Reyes (who MySA.com says was once UT Austin’s special assistant to the chancellor) in the role until they find their new permanent president.

After his retirement, Romo was set to work with the Institute of Texan Cultures for a year, but he has decided to turn down the position and work with the San Antonio’s World Heritage Designation efforts instead along with prep for the tricentennial celebrations.