Vegan Beef Makes Its Debut in Dallas, Many Texans Upset

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Vegan brisket? No, no, no, this is just plain wrong on so many levels! While we understand that many folks cannot eat red meat due to diet restrictions, illness, and other factors, we also believe that beef is a unique part of the food group that cannot be duplicated or replicated using other food materials.

What is Beef?



This is what real beef looks like, and there’s no room in Texas for pretend meat. Unfortunately, beef has no real substitute, even if you’re on a strict diet. Imitation beef just doesn’t quite do it justice.

Texas Pride and Beef


Photo:, Big Texan in Amarillo 72-ounce steak contest

It’s a well-known fact that we Texans do love our beef. Not only do we raise it, we are well known for cooking it, too. Chili, Bar-B-Que, and beef stew have competitions year-round in the Lone Star State just to prove who makes this edible gold the best.  Restaurants in the Texas hold contests to see who can eat the biggest steak in an hour. Not everyone can win that blue ribbon or that free meal, but attempting it can have its benefits also. It is so juicy, tender, and deliciously…Texan.

Chicken fried steak, brisket, tacos, and beef ribs, just to name a few of our favorites. There’s nothing you can do to beef that’s wrong. Roast it, grill it, fry it, and your choices are rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well, or anything in between.  Disguised tofu in the shape of real meat just ain’t Texan.

Texas Beef Stew



Vegan beef stew? In Texas? Reminds us of the game on Sesame Street, one of these things just doesn’t belong.

What we mean is that real beef stew is made with the finest Texas beef. Now if you are one who chooses to be vegan or vegetarian, you deserve to be respected. And, we certainly do. What doesn’t make sense to us is that if a person is against eating meat of any type or cannot due to necessity, then why try to shape it and add food coloring to it so that it looks similar to what you are totally against in the first place? This is very confusing.

Strict Diets



While our country (Texas included) should be eating healthier, there’s just no reason to eat things that are disguised foods that trick your body into believing you’re getting a particular food group. It’s a proven fact that strict dieting doesn’t work for the long-term nor does eating “fake foods” such as artificial sweeteners. Eventually, after strict dieting, you have to go back to eating “real foods” or “the basics” at some point. Dieters normally gain at least 10 pounds more when they begin to eat what they have stayed away from for so long. Portion control is the only true way to loose weight and is a lifestyle change. You don’t have to give up eating delicious food, just limit them, and enjoy.

Beef Studies



Each year studies are done, and more than likely they’re funded by aggressive vegetarians or vegans, who are  totally down on people who consume meat. This year it was done quite differently. Dr. Stephen Smith, a professor at Texas A&M University decided to get involved. He proved without a doubt that red meat cooked correctly is a healthier choice and is needed to keep our bodies protected.  He suggests purchasing any type of meat through reputable butchers, markets, or grocery stores.

Smith goes on to say when a cow is fed a proper diet, beef contains high levels of oleic fatty acids. The more marbled a cut of beef is the better. Oleic acid found in the livestock is HDL cholesterol is the good kind. The LDL levels decreased. In this  particular study, subjects consumed five types of beef patties for six weeks, and the results were amazing. Cholesterol readings is these subjects changed dramatically for the good in such a short time span.

Vegans and vegetarians have made their choice and we beef eaters have made ours, but it’s good to know that we beef eaters  can be even healthier. So, light up that grill y’all!