This Viral Map of a Haunted Texas Road Trip Includes Donkey Lady Bridge

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Said to be the home of a paranormal presence known as the Donkey Lady, a legendary bridge in San Antonio has been included in a viral haunted road trip through Texas, which includes this infamous stop together with five other sites. It’s been recognized as one of the most haunted spots in the Lone Star State and, at the very least, is one of the more terrifying urban legends of San Antonio.

The “Haunted Roadtrip” map of the six eerie locations that Jonathan Forseth (a Fort Worth resident) and his friends put together includes sites they plan to visit, and their map was posted to Twitter. The tweet went viral, with an audience of more than 40K. “I remember falling asleep the night I posted it and it had roughly 50 to 60 likes,” Forseth explained to mysanantonio. “I woke up the next morning with 2,000 likes. I had to turn my notifications off. It’s insane how it made it to 40,000 likes and I really only meant to share it with my friends.”

This Viral Map of a Haunted Texas Road Trip Includes Donkey Lady Bridge

Photo: Facebook/Dean Lockwood

Forseth and his group of friends also included a number of sites throughout the state which are synonymous with ghost stories, or random tales of haunting, such as the Texas Killing Fields, the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Goatman’s Bridge, Yorktown Memorial Hospital, and Stagecoach Road in Marshall, in addition to the Donkey Lady Bridge. The bridge is located just a short drive from the city of San Antonio, and although the exact origins of the legend aren’t known, its details still send a shiver down people’s spines.

This Viral Map of a Haunted Texas Road Trip Includes Donkey Lady Bridge

Photo: Facebook/David J. Alvarez

As the story goes, a farming family living outside the city was said to have met an end that was described as evil at its utmost. The farmer burned his home, left his wife brutally disfigured, and murdered their children. According to the tale, the wife’s fingers were melted down until there were only stumps remaining, which created appendages deemed hoof-like in appearance. Her face had charred, with the skin so badly damaged that it gave it an elongated appearance that some claimed was donkey-like. Said to still be grieving her husband’s gruesome acts and the terrible loss of their children, the Donkey Lady is still said to haunt Elm Creek and torment all those who make an attempt to cross the bridge. Forseth has told local media he plans to visit each of the places identified on his viral haunted road trip map of Texas and document the entire thing on his YouTube channel.