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Wells Fargo Introduces New Card-less Feature to All of Their ATMs

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All of Wells Fargo’s ATMs will now allow customers to access their accounts without their debit card in tow. ABC 13 says that if someone forgets their card, or doesn’t feel comfortable carrying it around with them, they will be able to log into the Wells Fargo app and request a unique access code via the card-less option in Account Services. The Washington Post explains that the eight-digit code will work as a pin number would, but it only lasts for one-time use and for just 30 minutes before it expires.

Jonathan Velline, head of branch and ATM banking, stated, “Every time a customer walks up to an ATM or into a branch, chances are they’re carrying a phone, and we believe the real power of mobile is the ability to enhance the customer experience at our ATMs and branches.”

Wells Fargo isn’t the only company to embrace the card-less feature. Bank of America offers this option at about half of their ATMs, while Chase is looking into adding the feature, as well. Bank of America also allows customers to use Apple or Android Pay, which involves tapping their phone near/on the ATM or using their fingerprint on their mobile. Wells Fargo will be adding digital phone readers soon, too.