West Texas City Surprises Everyone with the Cover of ‘Where To Retire’

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‘Where to Retire’ magazine is touted as the only publication in the U.S. which is focused on helping its readers with retirement relocation decisions. They recently released their January/February 2020 issue and surprised everyone by featuring a West Texas city. Lubbock, Texas was not only its featured top retirement destination but also its cover city!

Annette Fuller, ‘Where to Retire’ Editor, identified that this West Texas city has qualities that hold water with today’s retirees. “Lubbock, the hometown of Texas Tech University and rockabilly star Buddy Holly, has a wealth of culture, education and health care,” she explained. “Institutions abound, from a ballet company to museums on ranching and windmills to a coming-soon performing arts hall. The revitalized downtown overflows with food trucks and locally owned businesses and many residents are rabid fans of Tech’s Red Raiders sports teams. One relocated retiree dubbed Hub City ‘a wild city – wild, meaning exciting.’”

West Texas City Surprises Everyone with the Cover of ‘Where To Retire’

Photo: Flickr/American Advisors Group

The publication, which is available nationally, has featured hundreds of what are considered to be the top retirement destinations since its establishment in 1992. According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, it’s been noted that as a result of retirement, over 700K Americans relocate to new towns annually. In general, today’s retirees are healthier, more affluent, and better educated than those who made the decision to remain in their community of origin. With them, they also bring a significant shot-in-the-arm to a local economy. The West Texas city of Lubbock has and will continue to see a boon from such activity, and having that reflected on the cover of a national magazine won’t hurt one bit.

West Texas City Surprises Everyone with the Cover of ‘Where To Retire’

Photo: Facebook/Visit Lubbock

Although presently, the state of Florida continues to hold the top place as a retirement destination, and Arizona and both South and North Carolina are ahead of Texas for retirement relocation, it’s no shock to residents of Lubbock and the surrounding West Texas locales that it was featured in or made the cover of ‘Where to Retire’ magazine. Its amenities, cultural components, health care, and lifestyle in general speak for themselves. To learn more about the magazine’s research into the most popular region and states retiree migration, you can read their four-part series on the subject through back issues, which can be ordered online at the link provided here.