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Whack Golf Balls Through a Texas Landmark in San Antonio

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Learning about historical sites can be fun but whacking a little round ball in the middle of one is exciting!

Still kicking!

Photo: Facebook/Cool Crest Miniature Golf

Cool Crest Miniature Golf is located in San Antonio and began operations in 1929. Miniature golf was becoming a craze during this time and seized the United States and Europe. Several courses could be found in Bexar County alone! In 1937, Harold and Maria Metzger leased the property from the original owners and got to work, turning the 18-hole course with wooden rails to a lush and stylish setting, complete with a winding tropical landscape and an Art Deco theme. With these upgrades, it didn’t take long for Cool Crest Miniature Golf to become a very popular location for casual and social recreating.

Is that a dog?

Photo: Facebook/Cool Crest Miniature Golf

A second 18-hole course was added in 1957 (still referred to as the “new” course) and San Antonio’s appreciation of this green oasis in the Texas city continued. Many locals today can recall meeting friends here and going on dates. Harold Metzger passed away in 1998 and Maria continued to run the business until 2008. In 2010, although closed, the golf course was rezoned as a historically significant property. The site remained shuttered until 2013 when it was purchased by the Andry family, who have fond memories of playing on both courses. The efforts of many, along with community contributions, have gone into restoring Cool Crest Miniature Golf. One such example is of the Metzgers’ groundskeeper for more than 30 years, Erasmo Ordenez, who is still working at the site.

In full color

Photo: Facebook/Cool Crest Miniature Golf

If you’re not much of a golfer, consider participating in the Banana Plant adoption program, which continues the diligent landscape legacy of Maria Metzger, who every winter, cut each plant just above the fruit and wrapped each stalk with three sheets of newspaper. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic or looking for a place to have a relaxing activity with family and friends, consider Cool Crest Miniature Golf at 1402 Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio. Hours of operation are dependent on the season and can be affected by weather. Happy golfing!