Wildflowers and Rosé

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Tony Maples Photography


By Alissa Leenher

The vibrant buds are alive on my Redbud. The Peach Tree has blossomed. The Mountain Laurel perfumes the yard, and the Meyer Lemon’s fragrant bloom whisper as you pass. Spring is here in central Texas. It is my favorite time of year. Soon, the fields and highways will be lined with blue, speckled with red and yellow. Certain sleepy roads will be bustling with visitors, anxious to see our state’s flower in its glory, the Bluebonnets. Regardless of your route, you will likely find yourself far from town and in a place you’d like to stay for hours. That means, to be prepared, you need to bring a blanket, a picnic, and a wine with a color to compliment the landscape: Rosé.

Rosé is a style of wine that we do especially well here in the Texas Hill Country, and your chances of skirting by a producer on your wildflower search are favorable. Mourvèdre is the grape of the hour here when it comes to rosé. Look for other Provencal grapes as well: Grenache, Cinsaut, and Syrah. Even Tempranillo and Sangiovese. Regardless of style or blend, the Texas rosés are full of promise and are sure to make your Hill Country Picnic one to remember.

  • Becker Vineyards – Jolie 2014 (Stonewall)
  • Brennan Vineyards – Mourvèdre Rosé (4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg)
  • Lewis Wines – Mourvèdre Rosé (Johnson City)
  • Lost Draw Cellars – Arroyo Rosé (Fredericksburg)
  • Pedernales Cellars – Dry Rosé (Stonewall)
  • Spicewood Vineyards – Mourvèdre or Tempranillo Rosé (Spicewood)

To complete your picnic, get creative. I typically choose at least one or more of the following:

  • Protein: Leftover grilled chicken, lunch meats, charcuterie, hummus, nuts.
  • Cheese: (one soft, one hard) I love goat cheese with rosé or go with a soft cow cheese like triple creme or brie. Gruyere or Vermont Cheddar are my favorites but they can over-power some wines. Manchego or Gouda would work well also.
  • Carb: Is there anything better than a crusty baguette, cheese, and wine? Or grab the crackers in your pantry.
  • Compliments: Honey, chutney, fig paste, balsamic drizzle, olive tapenade.
  • Fruit/Vegetables: Apples, grapes, melon, peppers, and cucumber can all add something special to each bite.

Trying to find the perfect route for your trip? Several websites are updated with sightings, identification, and maps to help you plan your trip. Whether you head toward Llano or Spicewood, Comfort or Willow City, you’re sure to find plenty of red, blue, yellow, and of course, pink.