Winter Sangria Just Might Become Your New Best Friend

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Those who enjoy a regular dose of good Texas wine will love that wintertime is no seasonal exception for that very same experience. A tour through the Texas Hill Country or even the High Plains region will open your eyes to a Lone Star State wine experience you’ve probably been missing. But even if you don’t get your vino direct from the vine, or even direct from the vineyard, you can still make a delicious Winter Sangria with the wine you find on store shelves.

Traditionally known as a wine punch from Spain, sangria was known to be made from red wine, with the addition of chopped fruit. Other ingredients as well as spirits could also be added. But over time, it’s become such a popular drink (commonly found in restaurants and bars) that anyone can now enjoy its flavor, and its makers are producing it using both red and white wine varietals. Winter Sangria, as shared by Webstaurantstore.com, is made with a dry form of the latter. It also makes use of winter or holiday-inspired flavors and smells with the incorporation of fresh cranberries and sprigs of rosemary.

Winter Sangria

Winter Sangria Just Might Become Your New Best Friend


Key ingredients for Winter Sangria include:

Triple Sec

White Wine






The full ingredient listing, measurements, and instructions for making Winter Sangria are posted by Webstaurantstore.com at the link available here. It’s not hard to see how this drink could go well with cool, crisp evenings by a roaring fire. Or how it would pair nicely with a pasta comfort food dish to get you through the longer nights we’re now experiencing. With the upcoming winter season, there’s always the possibility you may be spending more nights at home, watching TV and relaxing until the beautiful Texas temperatures come back. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to stock up on the ingredients for this sangria. It just may become your new best friend!