Woman Granted Dying Wish to Ride a Horse One Last Time

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A video posted to Beeldwerk.TV’s Facebook page on Sunday tells of an incredibly sweet story where an 87-year-old woman is granted her final wish – to ride a horse one last time. The video is in Dutch, but it doesn’t matter what language the video is in, anyone with a heart can understand.

In the Netherlands, the Green Cross and The Care Group started a program called Hidden Desires in which they strive to “fulfill precisely those small but important needs of people living in one of our care centers, of clients living at home or even caregivers.”

For this older Dutch woman, her dream of spending a day with a horse and taking a ride seemed far-fetched due to her age and Parkinson’s disease, but Hidden Desires realized how important it was to her to fulfill her wish. The woman who was once an accomplished rider and competitor in professional showjumping was able to visit some nice stables, pet some horses and even ride in a bed which rested over the backs of two trotting horses.

You might find tears welling up in your eyes a few times while watching this video. Hidden Desires did an absolutely beautiful job of arranging a meaningful day for the elderly woman that transcends all languages.