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World Series Brings New Life to Houston After Devastation of Harvey

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The World Series and all its glory have brought new life to a city that has been through its ups and downs, to say the least. Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past few months you know that Houston, Texas has been on a roller coaster of emotions this year. With Hurricane Harvey causing massive destruction city-wide, and the long-term damage left to deal with as many people rebuild, the World Series has put Houston on the map for a much brighter reason.

The Houston Astros winning the ALCS may have a been a surprise to some and not an outcome wanted by many sports enthusiasts as mentioned by Dale Hansen in the video below. But one thing is for sure, the city and its fans have always rallied behind their team, and this is no surprise to them.

A story of distress and a powerful comeback is displayed as thousands around the city of Houston have shown the world how resilient Texans really are and have moved forward as a city in unity working towards a brighter future of rebuilding ahead.

“Houston has weathered what few cities ever could and we’re back baby, thanks to our baseball team,” shared an article by abc13.com. Few could have imagined when the season started that we would be sitting here cheering on the boys of H-Town’s baseball club, the Houston Astros, in the 113th World Series. “I think having the World Series is a shot in the arm and something to celebrate,” said Downtown District Marketing Director Angie Bertinot to abc13.com.

“Experts tell ABC13 the Astros’ success shifts the national conversation about Houston from being a city underwater to a city on the up.” The series doesn’t change the fact that many are still recovering and rebuilding their lives from the storm, but it does show the world how despite its destruction we still manage to cheer on the hometown team from a historic ALCS championship and stellar season onto the biggest stage in baseball, the World Series.

All eyes are on Houston as the focus has shifted to the bright lights and talented roster that is the Houston Astros. We play as a city cheering them on through the wins and losses and welcoming thousands into our town to delight among the vast array of restaurants, hotels, and hospitality waiting to greet them. A spotlight that proves it’s not how you start but how you finish, Houston may have been through some rocky months but how we finish the year will say plenty about the champions we are as a city, right down to the World Series we will talk about for years to come.