Feel Like a Writer in Paris in the ’20s with This Typewriter-style Keyboard

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They say the only real gift you can give a writer is time, but that’s not quite true. There’s one other gift, equally as important: inspiration. You might be thinking that’s a bit hard to gift wrap, but the Qwerkywriter® keyboard makes it easier than ever to give the gift of inspiration.

Writers know that you can’t force inspiration—you can only invite it to come calling, and one of the best ways to lure in that elusive spirit is by elevating your aesthetics. Every writer has his own little trick. In a world of flip-flops and pajama pants, a writer searching for inspiration might choose to wear a suit while he’s drafting a story to help facilitate creativity, or maybe he only writes late at night when all the rest of the city is sleeping. Oftentimes, the mundane tools and technology we use to save us precious time in the pursuit of our art come at the cost of hampering our inspiration. That cheap Walmart keyboard with the crumbs and hot sauce stains between the keys only inspires writer’s block. The writer who is committed to his craft has to invest in an elevated aesthetic.

That’s why, as the editor of, I now write and edit all my Texas travel and history stories on the Qwerkywriter keyboard. This typewriter-inspired keyboard is equal parts elegant and durable. The old-fashioned typewriter style evokes the look of a bygone era. You’ll feel as though you’re Hemingway or Fitzgerald typing up your latest masterpiece in Paris in the ’20s, or Lovecraft hammering out a new yarn for the pulps. It’s my new favorite tool as a writer.

Feel Like a Writer in Paris in the '20s with This Typewriter-style Keyboard

Photo: Max McNabb

The Qwerkywriter chassis is constructed from scratch-resistant aluminum and features an integrated tablet stand. Up to three devices can be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth. The internal battery easily lasts up to 3-4 weeks with a single charge, and the keyboard can also be connected via USB. You can charge and type simultaneously when the USB is plugged into your computer. The knobs control volume and page scroll. The chrome carriage return lever isn’t just the perfect finishing touch for the typewriter style—it also functions as an “enter” key and can be programmed for up to 15 characters, or even to copy, cut, and paste. The mechanical keys feature circular caps ringed in beautiful chrome, and they have that pleasant, instantly-recognizable clicking sound. The feel is extremely comfortable, and typing out a long draft has never been more fun. The Qwerkywriter is available in black and limited runs of white, pink, and mint.

It was obvious immediately on opening my Qwerkywriter that this was a passion project for its creators. Qwerkytoys has crafted what, to my mind, can only be called the finest keyboard on the market today. The price point reflects their commitment to excellence and superior aesthetics, as well as the enormous research and development that went into making this dream project a reality. They have the gratitude of writers around the world. If the price point gives you pause, my advice is to go ahead and make the purchase, because the Qwerkywriter keyboard is an invitation to inspiration.

Feel Like a Writer in Paris in the '20s with This Typewriter-style Keyboard

Photo: Max McNabb

You’ll forget the meaning of the word procrastination with the Qwerkywriter. Whether you’re a professional writer or simply dabbling for fun, you’ll be wanting to write longer and more often for the tactile pleasure of working with this keyboard. It’s a worthy investment on the part of any writer. If you admire the great novelists or pulp writers of the first half of the 20th century, I’d go further and say that the Qwerkywriter is an indispensable investment.

Cormac McCarthy is still typing up his novels on a manual typewriter. You can capture that same powerful, tactile experience without sacrificing technological convenience. Get your Qwerkywriter keyboard today. I contend that it’s actually quite reasonably priced for its craftsmanship and style.

Check out their website here for cool accessories like a custom carrying case or premium wrist rest. You’ll also want to get a peek at their gorgeous new Mona Lisa display. Whether you’re hoping to add a special kick to your own work or wanting to gift inspiration to the writer in your life, snag a Qwerkywriter today at this link. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well.