Yes, You CAN Make Homemade Candy Apples! [VIDEO]

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Yes, You CAN Make Homemade Candy Apples! [VIDEO]

Halloween is quickly approaching, and you’ve been invited to your friend’s annual fright fest – but have no idea what to bring. So, you find yourself digging around the seasonal grocery aisle for the same old mixed bag of candy. Boring! Why not try your hand at a simple recipe to dazzle the guests? You’ll be the talk of the party with this amazingly delicious treat. It has a little something for everyone – candy, nuts, and of course, a sweet, crunchy apple. Homemade candy apples the quick and easy way! Creating wonderful homemade treats doesn’t have to be hard!

As a matter of fact, kitchen guru Claire Thomas shows you exactly how to craft these beautiful Halloween favorites with ease. She’s the host of ABC’s “Food for Thought with Claire Thomas” and runs the website She has posted several videos for cooking in 10 seconds – and we’re so glad she’s showing us how to make these festive gems! Of course, for the kiddos, make sure to leave out the brandy. (Instead, drink it while baking!)