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Test the Limits of Your Heart Health at the Zombie Charge 5k Run

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What happens when you combine an interactive haunted house experience with a 5k mud run? You get the Zombie Charge 5k Run. Austin is on the list of “infected cities” for this year’s Zombie Charge, as the run comes to the capital city on Saturday, October 21 at Mylo Obstacle Fitness.

More Than Just A Zombie Run

Zombie Charge

Photo: Facebook/ZombieCharge

Zombie Charge is more than a zombie run on wooded trails, open fields, gravel yards and swamps. It’s also more than a zombie race with 8 to 12 world class obstacles. It’s about survival in the apocalypse. It’s about being fearless. Zombie Charge gets your heart racing like nothing else can. Your job is to navigate the zombie-infested 5k courses by surviving with at least one of your belt flags still attached at the finish line.

Runner or Zombie: Two Ways to Participate

Zombie Charge

Photo: Facebook/ZombieCharge

It might go without saying, but this is not your normal 5k “fun run!” Runners wear a belt with three flags (think flag football).  The flags represent your life; they are your body parts. Complete the course with any or all of the flags, and you will be a survivor…among the elite! But it won’t be easy. The Zombies on the course are hungry and will be wandering the course trying to take your flag and infect you. If all of your flags are taken, you have become infected. But don’t worry, if you can make it to the Safe Zone at the finish line, the course physician,  “Doctor J.” has created nectar and a decontamination chamber that may just give you that chance to survive and party with the rest.

If you choose to go as a zombie, register to chase and scare the racers on the course, making sure they don’t survive by capturing their flags. Participate in the best costume and make-up competition too and see if you can take home a prize.

The After Party is To Die For


Photo: Facebook/ZombieCharge

But, the fun doesn’t end with the finish line. After the race is over is when the real party starts. Join the after party with food, beer, and live bands. You must be 10 years old to participate in the obstacle course race but there is no age requirement for the 5k run without obstacles. To learn more, go to the Zombie Charge website or follow them on Facebook.