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5 Spooky Hotspots and Haunts in the Texas Hill Country

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Do you believe in ghosts and goblins? How about the paranormal? Do you want to be scared out of your wits? Only Halloween is it a lot of fun to have the bejeebers scared out of you. Watching thrillers, horrors and scary movies in the dark might be your answer. Searching for the traditional or imaginary ghosts, monsters, skeletons, and vampires could give you goosebumps. How about attending a séance or explore haunted houses?

The Texas Hill Country suggest the best agenda yet for all y’all. Get all your friends together and checkout these top five hotspots and haunts we hand selected just for you. Have fun, be safe and Happy Halloween!

1. Terror Mansion

Photos and videos are worth a thousand words. Owner of Terror Mansion, Nancy Alanis, has had many paranormal investigative teams inside the mansion and no one has left without the  proof that the unrested souls roaming through the many rooms here are real. She and her team are ready to show you around to witness for yourself the orbs flashing here and there. She encourages you to bring a photo of a loved one who has passed on or your own light meter, although she does have spares if you need.

Check it out for yourself. Go today or you can even call her personally and reserve a time for her to take you and your group through the halls of Terror Mansion. You’ll come out being a believer! 414 W Laurel, San Antonio, Texas. (210) 226-2666.

2. Horror in the Hills


This hotspot is ranked four out of ten of Texas’ scariest. No children allowed. The Texas Hill Country has a terrifying hayride in Bandera called Horror in the Hills. The story from decades past is some secret government testing was going on back in these hills many years ago. An entire laboratory was built.  Scientists were taking embryos and exposing them to high levels of radiation. After years of experimentation, the government assistance stopped and never came back to the site. It’s said the experiments went horribly wrong. Several of the scientists went mad over time. You’ll be in total awe at what is waiting for you in The Barn of Misery at the end of the hayride.

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