Alan Jackson 2020 Tour is Making 2 Texas Stops: Don’t Miss This!

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Alan Jackson has had a massively successful country music career. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2017, and his start in the industry is like something you would read in a storybook. He moved to Nashville with his wife in the ‘80s, after she approached Glen Campbell at the airport and told him about Alan. Following that, Jackson earned a songwriting contract through Glen Campbell’s publishing company. And, shortly thereafter, he got a recording contract and released “Here in the Real World,” his debut album, in 1989. He’s planned an upcoming 2020 tour, and thankfully, there are two Texas dates!

Jackson has long held the respect of his counterparts in the industry as a traditional country music songwriter and singer. His throngs of fans continue to purchase his music and memorabilia and support him each step along the way. From his first album right through to his “Precious Memories” collection and beyond, he has been consistent, winning industry awards and accolades along the way. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry as well as the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. His 2020 tour is currently scheduled for 18 dates across the U.S. from January through October, and he’s going to make two Texas stops in the process.

Alan Jackson 2020 Tour is Making 2 Texas Stops: Don't Miss This!

Photo: Facebook/Alan Jackson

Jackson will be playing in El Paso, in West Texas, on February 21, and Fort Worth on February 22. Those of you still waiting to purchase your tickets can do so at the link available here. He’s performed at the CMAs in Nashville, with a flair for traditional showmanship and an attention to detail which isn’t lost on his fans. They continue to attend his shows as well as visit his restaurant and bar properties in Nashville and will likely be packing the stadiums he plays in his 2020 tour. Don’t miss your opportunity to see his music in a live show and hear one of the most recognizable voices in country music, right here in the Lone Star State, on the Alan Jackson 2020 tour!