Art & the Artists That Bring the Texas Hill Country to Life

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A very important element of any Texas home is its décor, and Texas Hill Country artwork and artists can make a home feel that much more homier with their style and images. Art depicting the scenes we love from the area sets a home, or even an office, apart from others, and lends them a breath of life.

Patti Schermerhorn, Ira Kennedy, and Erin Hanson all have their own unique styles, paint with very different techniques and types of paint, and create some of the most beautiful, authentic works of Texas scenery in art that you’ve ever come across. Their pieces can be found in many homes throughout the state and across the country, are relatable yet imaginative, and captured the hearts of those that follow them.

Here are three of their amazing pieces that bring the Texas Hill Country to life!

Patti Schermerhorn

Art & the Artists That Bring the Texas Hill Country to Life

Photo: Facebook/Patti Schermerhorn Art Studio

This Patti Schermerhorn’s artistic rendition of what Historic Market Square in San Antonio looks like, in acrylic. The painting was recently up for auction for a cause (which Schermerhorn often does) and prints can be purchased by request through her studio, at studios she partners with, and at events where she presents.

Erin Hanson

Art & the Artists That Bring the Texas Hill Country to Life

Photo: Pinterest/Bagasan Erika

This oil on canvas by Erin Hanson shows light filtering through the boughs of an oak tree on a picturesque Texas Hill Country path. She creates “…vivid, impressionistic oil paintings that capture the feeling of being outdoors.” And, all of her paintings are inspired by hiking and backpacking trips that she’s taken across the Western United States.

Ira Kennedy

Art & the Artists That Bring the Texas Hill Country to Life

Photo: Facebook/Ira Kennedy

Ira Kennedy works from his Vision Quest studio just north of Llano, in the Texas Hill Country. He has a deep connection with the work that he does, highlighting many local, natural scenes, and was previously known for his work around Enchanted Rock. His pieces are available at his studio and online, in original painting and print pieces (posters, calendars), and even in quilt form thanks to a partnership with Northcott fabrics company.