Bacon Potato Salad is a Genius Way to Make a Traditional Side

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How do you make anything taste better? Add bacon to it. That definitely enhances the taste of this go-to summertime potato salad recipe. At any Texas barbecue, at any family reunion, you’ll find a potato salad of this nature at the table. Why? Because everyone loves it. Who doesn’t like potato salad?! But guaranteed, they’ll fall madly for Bacon Potato Salad!

With the kind of twist you’re going to wonder why you hadn’t thought of first, Bacon Potato Salad takes a traditional summer side and amps it up. Filled with all the great things you’ve come to love about summertime (including delicious, fresh vegetables), as well as a wonderful blend of sour cream and mayonnaise, this is the cooling and filling salad that picnics were designed around. The bonus in this recipe, shared by My Recipes, is the addition of crumbled bacon. Lending this salad a mouthwatering smoky flavor, as well as a unique crunch, the bacon adds the extra “oomph” this classic creamy masterpiece may have previously been lacking. As a barbecue side, it’s perfect, but as a showcase for bacon, it’s the easy way to get your fix, and it’s filling to boot!

Bacon Potato Salad

Bacon Potato Salad is a Genius Way to Make a Traditional Side


Key ingredients for this recipe include:






Sour Cream


The full list of ingredients, as well as the preparation instructions, are provided on the My Recipes web link, available here. With a preparation time of 15 minutes and a cooking time of 18 minutes, the mixing together of bacon potato salad will be a breeze. The hardest part will be waiting for it to cool before you can eat it! The site suggests making use of round white potatoes for this recipe, which can be peeled, cut, and soaked the night before, if need be. The finished product is something you won’t have to cart away when the meal is over, since it’s doubtful there’ll be a morsel left in the dish!