Beer Battered Steak Fingers Might be the Best Way to Eat Beef

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If there’s one thing we’re known for here in Texas, it’s steak. We’ve had it marinated, barbecued, and broiled. But there are lots of other ways one can prepare it for supper, including battered. Beer Battered Steak Fingers is a unique and tasty treat to make, and it doesn’t take much time. A good round steak will do the trick, and before you know it, you’ll have dinner ready in no time flat.

The Texas Chef shares this tasty recipe for Beer Battered Steak Fingers on his website. Stan McDonald is the man behind the site, and he’s a “…chef, traveler extraordinaire, guitar player, philosophizer and proud Texan.” He loves “…cooking Texas food” and shares his recipes for everyone to enjoy. In other articles, we’ve featured some of his great Lone Star State-inspired dishes such as Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Green Chile Cheese Cornbread, and even Texas Lasagna. Beer Battered Steak Fingers are no exception to the great shares McDonald has made, and it’s another easy dish that’s worthy of your Texas recipe files.

Beer Battered Steak Fingers

Beer Battered Steak Fingers Might be the Best Way to Eat Beef

Photo: The Texas Chef


Key ingredients for this steak recipe include:

Round Steak

Minced Garlic

Ground Cumin




The Texas Chef shares the full ingredient list, all measurements, and the easy-to-follow instructions for making Beer Battered Steak Fingers at the link provided here. Marinating the steak takes the longest amount of time in this entire process, sitting in an air-tight sealed bag in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Cooking the steak will require the use of either a deep fryer or a hot pan of oil, so the proper preparation and safety precautions are recommended. But once the Beer Battered Steak Fingers are properly cooked until brown in the oil, they can be drained on a paper towel and promptly served.