Now is the Time to Buy Your Dream Gun Online Before it’s Outlawed

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Everyone knows that is the safe and easy way to buy guns online. But did you know that is also the perfect option for selling guns? That’s right— is the quickest, safest way to make a profit selling your firearm or firearm collection.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to part with any guns during these chaotic times?”  The answer? So that you can use your tidy profit to buy the gun you really want, of course! Many of the sellers who use’s trustworthy service do so because they came into possession of a gun or gun collection that didn’t suit their needs. Maybe you’ve inherited a collection of hunting firearms, but what you really want is a sure-fire weapon for home defensive. The friendly, knowledgeable experts at can appraise your single firearm or entire collection and offer you a fair, competitive price. Then you can take that quick, easy money and buy your dream gun the hassle-free, legal way at

Sell Your Gun the Easy Way

Now is the Time to Buy Your Dream Gun Online Before it's Outlawed

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Now is the time to sell the firearms that are certain to remain legal, like shotguns and revolvers, so that you can score enough cash to buy the AR that might soon be outlawed by the corrupt politicians. The gun-grabbers in Washington DC have made it clear they want to prevent Americans from owning AR-15s and other semi-auto rifles. They clutch their pearls over so-called “evil black rifles,” while ignoring (for now anyway) shotguns, bolt-actions, and lever-action rifles. Now is the time to purchase an AR before the swamp rats violate the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. And if you’re strapped for cash, it makes good sense to sell that extra shotgun or pistol to make enough money to purchase an AR or two. Or three (just sayin’). After all, it doesn’t hurt to have a spare AR sealed and buried somewhere safe, just in case you have to let the gun grabbers know that you lost your other one in an unfortunate boating accident.

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Get your money in just days. The team at are fully licensed FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensees). Let their appraisal team provide you with a fast, honest quote. They can take reach individual piece or a whole collection and get you paid quickly. After appraising the firearm, will make you an offer. If you choose to accept, they’ll send you a prepaid shipping label, then all you have to do is drop it off at the designated, legal shipping location. Submitting your gun is easy, legal, and fast—they’ll respond to your submission within a single business day.

All you’ve got to do is box up the gun, because the team at even pays for the shipping. It couldn’t be easier. In business for over a decade, is a trusted name in online gun sales. They work within the bounds of federal regulation to give you the smoothest, safest gun-selling and gun-buying experience possible. Their team members are as knowledgeable and honest as they are friendly.

Not All Guns are Created Equal

Now is the Time to Buy Your Dream Gun Online Before it's Outlawed

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Scott O’Neil is the President of Texas Media Group and a former police detective. Scott recently had the pleasure of using the Springfield Armory Hellcat for his daily carry weapon, thanks to our friends at He recommends selling underpowered or unreliable weapons so you can have the cash to purchase a carry pistol with stopping power and performance you can always rely on.

“Not all guns are created equal,” Scott O’Neil said. “Most guns hold value, but some guns increase in value, especially specialty guns like the Hellcat. This makes certain guns even more of a good investment than others. You may have some great older guns sitting around, but an older hunting rifle, pistol, or derringer may not be what you need in today’s environment. Certainly, a semi-automatic is preferred in open or concealed carry, but the smaller frame, bigger caliber, better-designed firearms are what’s needed. Little things like trigger pull, grip design, clip capacity, and even sights have changed so much.  So upgrading your older collection of good guns to a more useful, practical, and powerful collection of specific firearms is probably a good move.”

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Submit Your Collection

Now is the Time to Buy Your Dream Gun Online Before it's Outlawed

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After selling your collection, you’ll want to browse through the thousands of firearms listed for sale at to pick out your dream gun! Use the money you made selling your unwanted firearms to score an AR while you still can, or stock up on much-needed ammo and spare mags. is your one-stop shop!

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