Chevy’s Texas Summer Road Trip Series: Earth-Conscious Chevy Takes On Austin

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Welcome back to our Chevy Texas Summer Road Trip Series! In part one we got to explore Dallas, and part two takes us to some unique destinations in Austin, aboard the cutting edge Bolt EV. Austin is a city known for being friendly – friendly to animals, people, and Mother Earth. Chevy has been working to address the need for more eco-friendly cars and the Bolt EV is Chevy’s newest answer to addressing the problem.

We were excited to be some of the first in the area to try out this completely electric car. Can you imagine not ever having to pay for or pump gas again? Can you imagine being able to charge your car with a renewable energy instead of searching for a gas station and shelling out $20-$40? The Bolt EV provides us that option and provides surprisingly good mileage. A sleek, modern look and plenty of interior space, this is not the micro car you might imagine when you hear eco-friendly. It is sizable and the perfect car for singles, couples, or small families.

Photo courtesy of Donald Minnis

Our first stop on this local trip was an Austin favorite, Jack Allen’s Kitchen. Known for making southern cuisine gourmet but simple, the trout and pimento cheese spread can’t be missed! Who can resist decadent little snacks in mason jars? This is a place you can take the family or spring for a nice date.

Photo: Facebook/Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Finally, Chevy escorted us to the main event – a trip to Austin’s newest and coolest surf park! NLand Surf Park is an outdoor surf experience for beginners and advanced surfers. One side of this man-made lake provides space for beginners to take lessons while the other side allows experienced surfers to ride the waves on their own. Our group was joined by several instructors there to guide us and help us get our surf legs under us. The moment of finally standing up on a surfboard while riding a wave is pretty sweet! NLand has a restaurant and bar and plenty of spots to watch the surfing action from above. Watch out, though. Driving a Bolt EV and surfing can both lead to addiction! Luckily once you are hooked on surfing, you can mount your board atop your new Bolt EV and become a regular. We plan to!

road tripPhoto courtesy of Jamie Friedlander

Stay tuned for part three of our Chevy Texas Road Trip Series! Hang Ten!