The Cocky Rooster is the Sophisticated Asian Cousin of the Michelada

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A while back, GQ magazine shared the details of an Asian-inspired Michelada. You read that right. That familiar spicy Mexican beer cocktail so popular here in Texas has an Asian cousin (so-to-speak). Blending a cold beer with Sriracha sauce, lime juice, and some Maggi sauce (which is an actual name-brand that Stan Parish, the original article writer, swears by), both GQ and thekitchn.com (a popular cooking and recipe hub) referred to the Cocky Rooster cocktail as an improvement on its Mexican relative!

The lingering heat from the Sriracha was said to make this beer-based cocktail the favorite over the Michelada. Although both were refreshing and savory, the Cocky Rooster won, hands-down, with the writers for these two media outlets. The aforementioned drink is served using a Mexican beer, mixed with a combination of Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and lime (depending on who’s recipe you’re using) which definitely packs a flavorful punch. In fact, restaurateur Tuan Bui, of An Choi in New York, long favored the Michelada to close his long days. He enjoyed them so much, he modeled the Cocky Rooster after it, serving it paired with Vietnamese sandwiches at his own venue. That inspiration has led to the creation of a beer cocktail that might knock your socks off, but not before it impresses you with its chiles, citrus, and use of Maggi and Sriracha sauces. Bui’s drink epiphany produced the sophisticated cousin of the Michelada you see here.

Cocky Rooster

The Cocky Rooster is the Sophisticated Asian Cousin of the Michelada


Key ingredients for this cocktail include:

12 Ounces Lager-Style Beer

Lime Juice


Maggi Sauce


Both GQ and thekitchn.com have shared recipes for the Cocky Rooster beer cocktail. The GQ link is available here and thekitchn.com’s version is provided here. Each link provides the full ingredient listing, measurements, and instructions for mixing up this powerful, heat-laced Asian nod to our favorite, the Michelada. Try it if you’re feeling inspired to take your forays into the beer world a little further than the average Joe. The reviews sound favorable. So much so that it’s doubtful any Michelada fan will turn their nose up at it. Cheers to new beer experiences!