Country Gravy: A Traditional Recipe You’ve Got to Try at Home

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For those of you who’ve had the pleasure (not to mention privilege) of having a family member make their great country gravy for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, this video recipe below might not be something you’re into. But, believe it or not, there are some of us who want to try our own hand at making this masterpiece for ourselves. That being said, you might have a recipe that’s been handed down for years, or you simply apprenticed at the side of your culinary family member. Maybe you want to critique the clip below to see if they make country gravy like you do – nobody’s here to judge!

For generations, the use of country gravy to add appeal to your biscuits, add some stick-to-your-ribs to your meal, and some more flavor to your plate has been a Texas tradition. Diners and homes alike have taken on the task of preparing a meal “like Mom used to make” for the many folks who have to be on the road for work, or simply love a home-cooked meal made by someone else! And every family or home (or even state) has different takes on it, but in general, it’s made the same. Calling itself the “Best Sausage Gravy Recipe,” the video seen here for Country Gravy was posted on the OldManCooking YouTube channel, featuring a number of completely delicious recipes and giving home cooks (and some professionals) small tips to help their dishes turn out better.

With over 41K subscribers, OldManCooking YouTube channel has a broad range of uptake, and the Country Gravy recipe has been viewed by more than three times that same number (145,295 times, to be exact!) The reviews are fantastic of course. The cook uses the traditional ingredients and makes a classic recipe his fans can relate to. If you haven’t tried this recipe yourself, and you’ve relied on family to make this delicious dish, then you’re actually a lucky person (some of us had to learn the hard way – through trial and error, which turned out more like error and error…and error!) At any rate, if you want to learn the real-deal country gravy and how to make it yourself, this recipe and its narrator will help you achieve the taste you’re looking for!