Hill Country-Based Dating App Lets Users Do Volunteer Work on Dates

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Swoovy is a Texas Hill Country-based dating app that makes connections for compatible users and pairs them up at volunteer opportunities throughout the city of Austin. It’s a new concept that allows socially-minded individuals to meet at settings that support their mutual goals, while offering the chance to get to know one another better. And it seems to be working!

Events are provided within the app, which users can select for their volunteer time and possible dates. The Central Texas Food Bank is just one of many such entities supporting the concept and making space for single people with a social conscience to share that with one another. “We were just conversing while doing an activity, so I think that made it less pressure,” one recent user told “Most people who are on Tinder, they just want to meet and go do their thing,” their date explained. “This is like, you’re meeting someone who’s willing to give their time, donate their time. You figure that’s a plus.”

Hill Country-Based Dating App Lets Users Do Volunteer Work on Dates

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Like any other dating app, users of Swoovy set up their accounts and check which gender they’re looking for. They list their pertinent details, such as height, age, and other defining characteristics, and begin by receiving three potential matches on a daily basis. Likewise, a connection can be made simply by identifying that they’re interested in a particular event that users can volunteer for.

The concept was formed through a partnership by Swoovy CEO Brooke Waupsh and Jeff McMahon after discussing dating options with their friends and area non-profits. “The idea has been in the works for a year and a half. I’m surrounded daily by single friends and single family members, all hearing and discussing the online dating world today. How do you meet better people?” Waupsh

Hill Country-Based Dating App Lets Users Do Volunteer Work on Dates

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Currently the activities on the Swoovy app for volunteering and connecting cover a variety of interests and can be both indoors and out. They can also include such pastimes as gardening and even playing with animals. Area organizations are partnering with the dating app in order to get word out and improve their community engagement. Single people who are socially minded are joining Swoovy for the purpose of meeting someone who truly has a like mind. At present, Waupsh has identified that 3,000 users have downloaded the app since launching took place in November 2018. In comparison, Bumble, a popular dating app, is similarly based in the Texas Hill Country, and presently has over 50 million fans. This hasn’t daunted Waupsh. She believes Swoovy has a niche in the market with its instant common connection. And if a date doesn’t go smoothly, users don’t necessarily feel that it was wasted time as a result of the volunteer opportunity. Would you try a dating app? Does Swoovy have what it takes to make a meaningful match for you?